Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Earn Extra Money Online With Fusion Cash

Free Money at FusionCash!
Another great survey site that I highly recomend is Fusion Cash. I personally use this site to make money online almost everyday. Let's get right into the good stuff. Fusion Cash is one of the few survey sites that does have direct deposit! This obviously means that when you decide to cashout and collect your earnings you don't have to wait for a paper check or anything like that, you can just get your earnings deposited directly into your bank account. Trust me, this is a great thing for a survey site to offer. There are two other ways you are able to collect your payment. Those being Paypal or paper check.

The minimum cashout requirmemnet is $25. This is okay, not great but not too bad either. Honestly I like to wait until I have adecent amount of money racked up to cash out anyway. I mean, when I get my money I want it to be at least enough to go have a cheesburger if you know what I mean lol.

There are always lots of new surveys to do on Fusion Cash and many other ways to make money as well. Overall I think it's a really good survey site to make cash from at home. Try it out by signing up and then completing offers. Here is the link http://www.fusioncash.net/?ref=jackiep225 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Make Money Online Free With Survey Savvy

So does this sound too good to be true? Well it isn't, but it isn't a get rich quick scheme either. In fact you definitely won't get rich by this specific make money online technique but you can make extra cash for free and it could lead to other money making opportunities. If you are like me, once you realize that it is 100% possible to make money online without any prior knowledge or any major money upfront you will continue to search and find other ways to make money online free.

So for this post I'm going to talk about another survey website and that site is called Survey Savvy. Maybe you have used it before, maybe not. Either or I'm going to give my honest review of the survey site. First thing is first. I usually only use survey sites that payout in actual cash. I'm not fond of sites that offer incentives as opposed to cash. If I'm using my time then I want to be paid in green, cash, money! I suspect you might feel the same. If so then Survey Savvy is a good survey website to use to make money online. Another great aspect of Survey Savvy is that their minimum threshold to cashout is only $1! Trust me, that's very good. The only downside that I've found is that you have to wait for a check in the mail. They have no direct deposit nor do they pay through Paypal. That isn't something that would cause me to not utilize this site for making money from home though.

So let's break it down, you sign up at Survey Savvy. They send you surveys, you fill out the surveys online. Each survey will say at the beginning how much it pays. You rack up money on your account, then when you are ready, as long as you have at least $1 on your account, you can choose to cashout. then you wait for your check in the mail. That is the perfect survey site if you ask me. There are a few other ways you can earn through Survey Savvy like through referrals. Let me explain, if you refer someone to the site then you make a percent each time they fill out a survey! So if you referred enough people you could potentially sit back and do nothing and still make money!

It can't hurt to sign up and look around, check it out, fill out a survey if you feel up to it. So here is a direct link to Survey Savvy https://www.surveysavvy.com/?m=3872294. This is my personal referral link, and what that means is that any money you make after signing up will in turn make me money as well! Pretty cool, right? You can do the same exact thing if you choose to. So please click the link and then after you use the site a bit leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this survey website. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you know of any other survey websites or make money online opportunities.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Earn Money Online By Selling On Ebay

Selling things on Ebay is a great way to earn money online for just about anyone. Whether you just want to earn a little extra cash by selling items you no longer want, or you want to open an Ebay store and join an online wholesaler to buy bulk merchandise from at a smaller price and then sell it on Ebay for more, online auctioning can accomodate you!

Me personally, I have never sold things that I've bought wholesale although it's not something I'm ruling out either. I mostly sell me and my children's old clothing, shoes and other belongings on Ebay. Kids clothes is something that you almost have to buy and sell on Ebay because they grow out of the stuff so fast and then you just resell it to the next person looking for good preowned clothing and then bam, you have money to get your children their next size up in clothes!

One thing I have engaged in and wish I had more extra time to do is go to yard sales and pick up name brand kids and adult clothing and then I have went and sold it on Ebay for more. I made a nice profit! Another option though is to join an online wholesaler, which does usually cost a fee monthly, buy items from them in bulk. Buying items in bulk saves quite a bit of money. Then go to Ebay or another online auction site and sell the items for more. Some wholesalers even offer the opportunity to sell their merchandise without even actually having to handle anything at all! That means no packaging and shipping or anything! It's called drop shipping. Basically you advertise the merchandise on Ebay or any other place for that matter, and when someone buys the item you go into the drop shippers website and order the item and have it ship to whoever bought the item! I believe that some companies don't even require you to log in and purchase the item, it's all done automatically through their virtual online system. How cool is that? There is defintely a fee to do something like this and it isn't something that I can say I have personally done but I do know that it can and is done and there is definitely some good money to be made. I would just advise to do your research first about the wholesale or dropshipment company before you hand over any money at all.

As for just selling your old belongings on Ebay, there is research to be done also. First off you have to have a Paypal account, which you have to have a US bank account and credit card to use correctly. There are work arounds for this however, like online bank accounts and prepaid credit cards, so don't let any of that scare you away from your opportunity of being an Ebay powerseller.

There are also many rules on Ebay and you must follow them or Ebay will ban you indefinitely. If you do your homework and be an honest and trustworthy seller on Ebay you can make thousands of dollars! Just from the things I sell, stuff at home that I no longer need, I have made thousands of dollars! If money is tight and especially if you have children, you should be buying and selling used items on Ebay.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

All Cash Surveys... Don't Actually Pay You Cash?

In my search for ways to make money online I've been getting back into taking online surveys for cash. One of the survey companies that caught my attention is All Cash Surveys. From the name and the emails that they send to my inbox they give the impression that you are compensated with cash, money for your time. Although with further investigation of this survey company it seems that your cash payment options are very limited and have very specific criteria.

As I was looking at their site I realized that when you cash out your reward you have to pick from the "rewards" page they have. Which by the way are only two choices when you cash out at the lowest possible threshold, which is $12. Your choices are two magazine subscriptions. Then if you cash out at the next highest level you get to chose from like 6 or so different magazine subscriptions. Next level up is $50 and this is when you actually get to receive a cash reward, like the survey company leads you to believe with their name. I see no options for checks though, only Paypal and it also says that a 3 percent fee will be charged with this option. The next level that you can chose to cash out with is $200 which to me is kind of a high leap from $50 to $200, but anyhow you can't even get $200 cash! You have a choice of three different giftcards that I haven't even ever heard of before!

Now I want to be clear I am not trying to bash this company. I just wanted to write a quick post about this because I am sure that others have done this. Not paying close attention to the rewards section until you actually have made enough to get one of those rewards or to get your cash, or so you thought. Then when you get to that point and you are trying to figure out how to go about getting your money, you realize that you don't actually get real hard cash, instead you get to have a magazine subscription! If you are planning to use this site then I would say to definitely be planning to go for the $50 cash out with Paypal or really need a subscription to one of those magazines lol.

I hope this helped some that might have made this mistake and shed light on the way some of these survey companies out there work.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Make Money Long Term With Phone Sex(even if you're a guy)

This might not be your first choice as a work from home type job but I can tell you from personal experience that it is one of the best ways to make real money at home. So if you are in a bind and need a job right away or  can't really work outside the house for some reason this is something you should really look into more. I know that a lot of women say "I could never do that!" but you can! Trust me, if you put enough effort in to something you can do it and it is not as bad as you might be thinking! There are opportunities out there for men as well. You might just want to Google that term specifically(phone sex job for man).

If you are totally against this line of work then by all means please skip this post and move on, but if you think that there is even a slight chance that this is something that you could do then keep reading.

There are many perks to working this kind of job from home-
  • Flexible hours. Some companies allow you to work as little as 10 hours a week, and you can log on at will. At the other end, some companies require you to work full time with a set schedule.
  • You are a 1099 employee, so you are your own boss in a lot of ways
  • You can work in your PJs.
  • You work from home.
  • You have the opportunity to work 24/7 since phone sex companies never close.
I want be clear that this isn't a get rich quick job but it is possible to make anywhere from $100 to $1000 a week(before taxes) in this line of work. It all depends on what company, if any, you work for, how much they pay and how many hours and how much effort you put into it. I went through many work at home opportunities. Some were scams, some seemed like they were almost impossible and some were very hard to make a decent income with. I did find some things that worked but never as good as being a professional phone sex operator! The great thing about it is you can be making money in as little as 24 hours!

There are different types of PSO companies and that means different pay amounts. You can use a site like Niteflirt and keep almost 100% of what the client pays but I wouldn't recommend this right off the bat. Then there are the dispatch companies that all you do is answer your phone and talk. These companies don't pay very much but are a lot easier and ideal for a first time phone sex job to "learn the ropes" so to speak. Lastly ansd my favorite there are direct dial companies. With these types you will have to run credit cards (through your company website) keep a blog and do your own advertising. This might sound like a lot but most all companies will train you and teach you how to do all of this. This is the option I would suggest. You can make around $1 a minute and most have a MINIMUM  amount of minutes per call. Such as 10 minute minimum so you would be making $10 at the very minimum every call you do.

I would suggest doing your research first and if you do get a job don't give up after the first week or even month. This type of job can be hard to adjust to at first. Just like other jobs it will most likely take time for you to become good at it. Trust me I know from experience:)
Here is a great place to get started sexyjobs.com